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Our brewery and taproom, located in the Govans neighborhood of Baltimore City, await you! Here we strive to stay at the forefront of innovative, delicious, and unique craft beer while also providing for a memorable experience you’ll want to come back and enjoy again and again. Whether it’s sipping on some brews, enjoying the aesthetics of the local art displayed, or just hanging out in the taproom before you or someone you know gets married in the B’More Kitchen Space upstairs, we have something for everyone! Come in, sit down, have a brew (or two) and relax… you’re home. Cheers!

Current Beers on Tap

We’re always changing our current beers on tap to feature some of the area’s best brews. If you like to live dangerously, come in and see the big board for yourself. If you’re not a risk-taker, have a look at our Current Beers on Tap to see what we’re serving.

beers on tap

Upcoming Events

Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Charm City
Trivia Tuesdays

Come join us as we welcome‍Charm City Trivia to our Fully Tilted family.

  • Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm

Every Friday from 3pm - 9pm

Appreciation Fridays

Join us every Friday as we honor some of our most cherised day-to-day heroes with 20% off your tab for the evening. Check out the details and specific industries here: Appreciation Fridays!!

  • Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm

Every Second Sunday at 1:00 pm

Second Sundays
Crab Feasts

Join us at the taproom on the 2nd Sunday of each month from April to October this year as we work with some of the best local seafood vendors Charm City has to offer.

  • Starting Sunday, April 14th at 1:00 pm  

We’re always hosting a wide variety of events in the brewery. If you love trivia, limited food experiences, and festivals then chances are we have something for you. Check out our Facebook for current and upcoming events!

Full Event Schedule


What’s a better combo than food and beer (aside from more food and  more beer)? Now, exactly what kind of food that’s there every night is a question you’ll have to experience to answer. But we will have food trucks, food B-More kitchen, BBQ, stuff with bacon on it, and of course seafood. We’re still figuring this part out because honestly, we spend a lot of time thinking about beer. As we go on we’ll start featuring more and more of the same folks. But right now, we want to find out what you like. So, while you’re there if there’s food that you like, let us know; and if there’s something you’d like to see, well, let us know that too.

Fully Tilted Members Club

Fully Tilted Club

Join our Fully Tilted Club for awesome rewards and discounts. Be sure to ask one of our staff next time you’re in.

Management reserves the right to exclude specific beers from the Member Club reward redemption. Point redemption levels and details are subject to change.

The Details

  • Accrue 1 point $1 spent
  • $50 to join
  • $25 annual renewal
  • 100 bonus for joining/renewing
  • Free full-pour beer when joining/renewing
  • Receive exclusive Member’s Only Shirt
  • Receive exclusive Member’s Only 20oz Mug
  • Members who bring their mug to the taproom receive a 20oz pour at a 16oz price
  • First access to ticketed dinners, beer releases, and special events

Points levels (when used, points are subtracted from member account)

  • 50 - 5oz sample draft pour
  • 100 - Full draft pour (16 or 12oz depending on the specific beer)
  • 200 - Crowler
  • 300 - T-shirt
  • 400 - Hat
  • 500 - Front of line privilege for can release party
  • 750 - Sweatshirt
  • 1000 - Free case of special release beer
  • 1500 - Personalized Dickies Staff Work Shirt
  • 2000 - Sixtel Happy Hour
  • 2500 - Name a Beer
  • 5000 - Drawn into a Hops the Cat Adventure Comic
  • 7500 - Brew a beer with our Head Brewer
  • 10000 - Trip to Asheville with Full Tilt

Retail Beers


Hops the Cat
Baltimore Pale Ale


Memorial Pils
Fleet St. Raspberry Wheat


Patterson Pumpkin

Can’t make it out the brewery? We’ve got you covered. You can find us at most of your favorite liquor stores. If you don’t see us there, be sure to ask. Our taphouse beers are always rotating, be sure to check our current beers on tap listing to see what’s available.

beers on tap

Our year-round beers are Baltimore Pale Ale and Hops the Cat IPA. Current regular seasonals are Memorial Pils and Fleet Street Raspberry Wheat which are both available Spring and Summer. We also have two “series’” of beers: First is the “Hops the Cat Adventure Series” which tells a story and consists of one-off and special release IPAs. The second series we’re just now starting is the “Govans Gose” line which will start with our blackberry version in October. We’ll occasionally re-release this beer with different fruit combos.


Full Tilt’s story really beings back in early 1984 when we cousins, Nick and Dan, were brought into this world. Years later, in 2008, a lifelong friendship saw an opportunity to have some fun and brew some beer. A homebrew kit was purchased and, from the very first brew in Nick’s Glen Burnie apartment at the time, a passion was ignited. Week by week, we would get more and more obsessed, buy more and more brew toys, and drink more and more of our ever-increasingly Fully Tilted homebrewed treats with equally thirsty friends. Once we stepped up to our All-Grain Brutus-10 system (which we appropriately named Ethel) there was no stopping what was to come. We didn’t know it at the time, however, because we had no money and no clear path to going commercial.

In comes Stephen Demczuk, who was working on building Peabody Heights, a contract brewery where middle-class, broke, and clueless homebrewers like us could get our foot in the door of the beer industry and test our mettle against other brewers already on the shelves. That was it. We were in. Game on. This path, over the subsequent 6 years, would completely change our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. Not only did we have one hell of a time promoting our beer and meeting new friends and family but we figured out we could actually come up with some great recipes and creative marketing. It was time to do this in our own facility, by our own rules, and with our own team…

After an exhaustive search far and wide, while facing countless hurdles in day-to-day operations along the way, we found ourselves in what is now our new home on York Road in the place we know and love, Baltimore City. Since 2008 we have indeed done some Full Tilt things such as brew our 9% ridiculously sneaky smooth Patterson Pumpkin beer, launch the Hops-the-Cat Adventure Series, find ourselves as far north as Erie, PA for the Beer on the Bay Fest, and a few times as far west as Denver Colorado for the Great American Beer Fest. That all being said, we are just getting started. Brace yourselves. Full Tilt is home and we’re not kidding around anymore.


Nick Fertig
Dan Baumiller
Ryan Cooper
General Manager
Brian Smith
Head Brewer
Bretly Morris
Bar Manager

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